Why have a blog at all?

The only thing I remember is wanting a blog because all the cool kids had one. Well, I have one. It’s been over 10 months since I’ve written anything. I did “use” it for 15 minutes for that Design class from Penn.  In class they recommended creating a blog on Weebly. (Good thing I didn’t because then I’d have two stale blogs). It was actually longer than 15 minutes;  I spent a day, or a couple of days, evaluating, installing and implementing  plugins so I could segregate the class stuff from the rest of the blog.  I was very happy with how that came out, then promptly dropped the course.

It’s all water under the damn bridge. I intend to redo this blog because, well, have you seen it?  I worked very hard on the design elements. I was very proud of the design elements. It is butt ugly. Maybe that explains why I don’t do anything to it or with it. Lately I have been hyper-conscious of what web sites look like. Most of them look like they were written to run on my phone. Lots and lots (and lots) of white space. And 3 little bars in the top left corner to signify a menu.  I find it more than a little annoying and very, very amusing. I picture a web developer guy sitting in front of a huge array of 30″  monitors developing web sites that will run in 320×480 pixels. In the process he is totally oblivious to the fact that anyone will be viewing his site the old fashioned way. That’s progress.

Not updating this blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on web things. I took a JavaScript course and created this résumé. Then I wrote a browser based MasterMind game. (Note to self, need a new style for links. I like that underline thing).

There is really no answer to the title question. It’s like so many other things I have. Having them and not using them causes lots of stress. The thought of not having them causes lots of  stress. Yes, I know there’s a solution.