Turn of Phrase

I took this January off. I imagine that every native-English-speaker will understand that sentence as I meant it. It’s not the same as “I took this hat off”. And I have no idea how I could explain it to an ESL speaker.

I started up my courses again. (Which is nothing like “I started up my car again”). Back in October, I started a Design course from Penn. I couldn’t make myself like it. (Which is different than “I couldn’t make myself like Mother Theresa”). I had just completed CIC, which was truly a Magical Mystery Tour. (Note to self: please, please, please write something at least every week. My fingers cannot keep up with my brain).

Maybe this time off was a recovery/reinvention/restoration period.  The fact is, I accomplished a lot in January. I had a dinner party for 12, very successful I might add. I built an antenna for OTA TV. I suffered through, and recovered from,  an abscess and extraction. I helped Joe (and Lou) with the Mom’s bathroom project. I started the shore rental process. I shoveled a lot of snow. I read a book-and-a-half (Thinking Fast and Slow and Nudge, which was too wonky and I did not finish).

I got out my “Weekly Compass” cards from my Franklin Covey collection. The first one (week of 25-Jan-2014) was super successful. I’m dragging my heels already on the second week. Not really, be fair to yourself. February’s been jam-packed, and it’s only the 5th. Picked up Mom at the airport, made a Wombat (held over from January), drove to Boston and back, shoveled (still yet even) more snow, chauffeured Mom to doctor and errands, started two Coursera classes, shipped a sale on Amazon. ‘Scuse me while I pat myself on the back. And I’ve started writing my idea journal again. That was very sparse in January.

What I didn’t do in January was look for work. On Craig’s List or elsewhere. (I did a few hours at Mr. PC.) I didn’t work on the blog, I didn’t do any Trello. I didn’t work on this blog, writing or designing.  And not much house cleaning (since the aforementioned dinner party).

I sat down at the keyboard today to write a post on the Gamification course I’m taking. Alas, I couldn’t control my brain or fingers and this is what came out. (Which is very  unlike “Ellen came out”). I’m afraid that my post will turn into an essay, so I thought I’d try it out here first. Now that I’ve warmed up my writing muscle, maybe I can put together a cogent, short comment.