Pure unadulterated magic. That’s the only way to describe or explain how this happened. I was sitting here minding my own business when out of the blue…..

I received an InMessage from LinkedIn. I haven’t been on LinkedIn in months. Maybe all year. Now here’s an incoming email from someone I don’t know saying she found my profile and thought I “could be a great fit” for a new position they were developing. Like lightning. Over the last few months, maybe since October, I had basically abandoned LinkedIn, especially for job search. To be more precise, I had abandoned job search all together.  I have been dabbling in several things and was working on a strategy to stay afloat until 59 1/2, which is surprisingly only 15 months away. (More PFM).

I spoke with this person, I guess a pre-interview screen, and from my side of the conversation, it is a “great fit”. In fact it made me salivate. I wouldn’t call it my “dream job” or “what I’ve always wanted to do”, but saints alive, it sure got some creative juices running. I have spent the last 24 hours or so imagining the job and how I would do it. And what I would do with all that money.

The magic is this. On Sunday (today being Wednesday), I finally tackled the boxes of detritus from my career at GTS/KNA. I condensed three boxes into one. I created two paper shopping bags of recycling. Ruth had left the building. The box of stuff that I kept (plus one rack of assorted office products) was the shards of the projects I am most proud of. I got rid of the old, and made space for the new. And the new appeared. Is all that feng shui stuff really true? Or the Law of Attraction?

It’s funny. After my last divorce, lots of people counseled “Stop wanting a man, and a man  will appear”. No man has  appeared. I don’t know if I stopped wanting a man, or stopped thinking about wanting a man, or really and truly don’t want a man. Nevertheless, I’m quite happily single, and with the exception of that exciting detour with my imaginary boyfriend, I don’t spend thinking time wanting or not wanting.

The job thing is quite different. I looked for a job for about a year, but eventually came to the conclusion that I don’t really want a job. I said that out loud and in public. I need to be engaged and challenged but I am finding everything I need on that score with Coursera and Mr. PC and all the other things I dabble in. I need financial security, but I’ve been managing with what I have and thinking (a lot) and acting (somewhat less) in ways to accomplish that.

I’ll have to explore why I think this is PFM and not just the expected yield from years of hard work and study. If this develops into something, I’ll have to thank Dori for being the catalyst to get me on LInkedIn. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep-on-keepin’-on with having ideas and figuring out ways to develop them into something fruitful and gainful.